If you are thinking about hiring a professional clown for your son or daughter's birthday party, there are a few considerations that you will want to make sure and keep in mind. There are different kinds of clowns out there. Some clowns will put on an actual show which might include activities like magic or balloon twisting or silly antics. Then there are other clowns that stroll around and interact with smaller groups working one on one at times. You need to decide which one is best for you. Much of your decision will have something to do with how long you want your hired performer to be at your birthday party. A strolling clown is usually better for situations where you want someone there for a longer period of time. If you are considering a centralized show of some kind, you will need to have a place where everyone can sit down and a stage of some sort to accommodate. As with anything, you really don't want any surprises so it is up to you to do as much research as you can possibly do in order to get the perfect clown for your event. If you need help looking for a clown in the Dallas area, we are here to help. Take this guide with you as you head out and let these words of wisdom lead you to some quality candidates and to the clown who will keep everyone in stitches.

So, this may sound silly, but where in the world do you find clowns. We realize you probably first thought of your next door neighbor, but we mean professional clown actors. We highly recommend that you talk to your family, friends and coworkers to see if anyone you know has ever hired or experience a clown in their life. This kind of source makes it easy to find out whether the candidate is worthy of taking a closer look at for your party. Just make sure that you keep a running list of any of the clowns that you want to interview. Another avenue that you will want to be sure and pursue is the world wide web. Do a Google search for “professional clowns in the Dallas area.” Start reading up on each clown that you get back. If you really like one that you see, add them to your list. Start calling up each candidate on your list and ask them what your birthday date looks like on their schedule. If they have that date open, ask them for a day and time that would be best to talk about your need for a clown.

When you are sitting across from each clown candidate, make sure that they don't wear their costume or you won't be able to keep a straight face. Find out what age group they target. Some clowns may have tailored their act for the under 5 years of age crowd. You need to know this if your son or daughter is 8. Ask them how long they have been a clown. Experience does count for something so keep that in mind. How long will they perform? Will they stay around afterwards to work the crowd? Ask them if you can view video footage of them working a party. Ask for at least 5 references. Make sure you call each one and check on how things went and if there were any red flags at all. How much will they cost you. If you really like a particular candidate, do a background check on them. If everything checks out and you like everything else you have heard, it is time to sign a contract and get ready for some fun.