Bounce Houses

You can host an average birthday party for your son or daughter or you can do something to send it into the stratosphere. If you really want the latter, we urge you to rent a bounce house. There is truly nothing like a bounce house to create a fun and memorable experience for not just the guest of honor but for everyone. Kids love running and jumping and with a bounce house, we can assure you that everyone will go home very tired but because they were doing something they really love to do. If you decide to go this route and we certainly hope you do, we highly recommend that that you take your time and do your homework when you are seeking a provider. The last thing that you want is for a bounce house to be setup in your yard that looks old and worn out and basically nasty. You want to make sure that what you are going to receive is high quality, clean, and does what it is supposed to do. Not all providers will give this to you which means you must do your due diligence. Here is a guide that will lead you through the search process in the Dallas area. In the end, it will bring you to the provider who will give you what you so richly deserve.

Finding candidates to consider is your first goal. Start talking to people you know, word of mouth is still one of the best sources of information there is. Talk to your family, friends and coworkers about what they might have experienced in the past. Maybe someone you know has rented a bounce house and can speak to the quality they experienced. If they say good things about it, make sure that you record the name and contact information so you can contact them at a later time to interview them. Of course, the world wide web is also a source you should tap into. Do a Google search for “bounce houses in the Dallas area.” Start clicking on as many as you can humanly check out and come up with some additional vendors that would be worth talking to. Once you have at least 3 to 5 potential candidates to talk to, call up each one and setup a time to visit their facility.

At each interview, here are some questions that you absolutely need to ask. Are they licensed? You have to make sure that everything is going to be legal. Believe it or not, there are a lot of companies that never go through the paperwork. Don't take a chance, make sure now. Accidents happen so make sure that the provider has insurance. Find out how old their inflatables are. Do they update their inventory often? Do they offer different styles of bounce houses? How much to they charge? Is it by the hour? Does each unit go through a massive cleaning between uses? Ask to see one or more of their units while you are on-site. How long does setup take? When you are more than satisfied with what you see and the answers you receive from a particular vendor, it will be time to sign on the dotted line.